Rosa Diaz is an artist-entrepreneur in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Her love of nature and the diversity of cultures around us influences her artistic work. She uses brightly colored, distorted creatures mixed with symbols and abstract forms in a surrealistic style. She believes that art is a powerful tool that can change the world by telling stories that promote happiness, freedom, and hope.
Rosa showed an interest in visual arts from an early age, drawing on anything she could find. In addition to her college coursework in El Salvador and the USA, she has developed her talents as a self-taught artist. Searching for peaceful horizons, and freedom, she immigrated to the United States in 2001, building her graphic design and printing business. Being a LatinX Immigrant has had its challenges but has brought her to this moment of new opportunities. 
Rosa created Nativa Studio at the end of 2019, inspired by the legacy of her cultural roots, which are always reflected in her artwork. She was inspired to create pottery by her own daughter, Lou Lou, who, at age 6, discovered her love for throwing clay on a wheel. Lou Lou's Pottery and Rosa Diaz art were honored to be selected to participate in 'The #1 Selling Show Worldwide' Immersive Van Gogh in Charlotte, NC, June 17 2021 - January 02, 2022. 
Though 2020 was a year like no other, she continued her own art-making and volunteered with a couple of projects. This work is ongoing into 2022. Her love of people and diversity is why she really enjoys sharing art and being a bridge for communities and cultures.

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